November 16, 2013 Meeting

We had 20 people attend our November 16th meeting. We were planning out our toy train layout. Here’s a few things people brought in to show:

October 19, 2013 Meeting

We had 15 people attend our October 19th, 2013 meeting. We had a show and tell with 5 club members talking about how they do their building.

September 21, 2013 Meeting

We had 16 people attend our September 21st, 2013 meeting. We held the Medieval contest with a 1st place prize of a Lego set. Here are pictures of the non contest items people brought in:

The contest entries were:

The winner was Corey’s Micro Castle Middleham with Motley’s Python and the Holy Grail and Nate’s The Battle tied for a very close second.

Corey's Micro Castle Middleham
Corey’s Micro Castle Middleham

August 17, 2013 Meeting

We had 13 people attend our August 17th meeting. We had a contest (theme was anything) with a Lego set as the prize. Here are some of the non contest pictures:

The contest entries were:

And the Contest Winner was:

Kevin's Squidangelo's David
Kevin’s Squidangelo’s David