Tempe Marketplace Display — Feb 6 to Feb 9, 2014

Cactus Brick had a display at Tempe Marketplace on Feb 6 to Feb 9, 2014. The display was our largest city/train layout we have ever done. This event was to help promote THE LEGO MOVIE which opened on Feb 7th. We had Emmet and Wyldstyle from Legoland on Thursday and Friday.

Tempe History Museum – Band Night – Dec 6th, 2013

We were at the Tempe History Museum’s Band Night on Dec 6th, 2013. In addition to 5 static displays that are going to be at the Tempe History Museum for the entire month of December, we also brought displays for their Band Night on Dec 6th. There was also a play brick area that was very busy most of the night. Here’s the pictures of our display:

Corroded Angel

Yeah, Whopper Junior does it again.

Brian Kescenovitz sets the standard for mechs with his ‘Dawn Forge’ series, but being the artist he is, he easily goes over the top even when he leaves his work unfinished.  He seamlessly blends varied lines, combining elements in some pretty original ways to produce this masterful figure.  …which appears to fully articulated.