For Those of You About to Rock!

The Thunder From Down Under, Shannon Ocean, gives us this rockin’ microscale robot destroyer of mankind.  Though many of his creations are a tad on the cerebral side, this one is obviously about metal.  From the Flying V to the city in rubble to the captured motion, Shannon hit his mark with this great build!

I can’t think of many other better ways to go.

Game Over Man! Game OVER!

I don’t know if I have a mancrush on Cole Blaq or just really dig the color yellow, but his “28W2G/D Ope-Gawri” is certainly another noteworthy creation.  You’ll see that the re-enforced operator cage and heavy-duty lift arms make this minifig more than ready for a night on the town with Chris’ mo…


Chandler LEGO Store gets blogged!

If you were at this month’s LUG meeting, you would have seen Kevin’s amazing minifig scale replica of the Chandler LEGO Store.  If not, it was a spot-on replica of the store, right down to James clogging the toilet!   It was nice having Kevin attend his first meeting and sharing his great build with us.  I am glad that Nannan picked up on this bad boy of a creation and blogged it on TBB today!

I think Murney already posted a picture of Larry being held  by terrorists in his photostream.  I’ll have to get mine up soon too!   Awesome work Kevin!  That  makes two TBB mentions for our LUG members in as many days.

Rapunzel! Rapunzel!

Jordan Schwartz (Sir Nadroj on Flickr) built this amazing rendition of Rapunzel’s tower.  The blue roof really pops against the tan brickwork and gold accents while the ground cover and ivy break up the the plainness of a beautifully built round tower.

I’m sorry Chris, but that kid just totally schooled you.

Lost Boys and Pixie Dust

I’m a such sucker for non-minifig scale creations.  Matt Wagner, jedimasterwagner, added this great larger-than-miniland scale version of Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell.  I’m liking the torso, but my favorite part is the stud transition at the hips.  …five wide!

Angel of Redemption

Along with keeping the group up to speed with news and updates, I’d like to start showcasing those LEGO creations that stand apart from the masses, not just exclusively from our LUG, but from all over the world.  I know there are plenty of other amazing blogs out there, but we can have our say too.

It only seems appropriate to start with this beautiful tribute to Nnenn, Cole Blaq’s ‘Angel of Redemption’.   I’m a fan of the great parts usage and color scheme, but what I like best of all is the black canopy …not very minifig friendly.

Meeting THIS Saturday

Join us this Saturday, April 17, 2010 at the North Tempe Multigenerational Center at 1:30.  This month’s draft set will be 7570 The Ostrich Race.  The inventory can be seen here.  Make sure to use the poll to let us all know how many sets we’ll be drafting.

For more information and a map to the location, click here.

Bricks By The Bay!

If you love LEGO and happen to be in the Bay Area this weekend, be sure to stop by Bricks By The Bay’s public exhibition on Sunday between 10am and 4pm at the Silicon Valley Marriott in Fremont, CA.