AZ Science Center (CREATE)

It was a bit of a short notice, but 7 club members went to the AZ Science Center CREATE for their snow week on Sunday Dec 27th. They wanted us to build there so people could see how our models were built. Here’s some pictures of the event:

December 19th, 2015 Meeting

We had 40 people attend our December 19th, 2015 Meeting. That’s a record for us (by quite a few people). Here are some pictures of what they brought in:

Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2015

We have a display at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2015 this weekend. It is a mid-sized city/train area, a Winter Village, a Star Wars section and a build area for the kids (or adults).

Here’s a link to their website: Phoenix Comicon

There are science fiction actors, comicon book authors, vendors and tons of people in costume. If the summer Phx comicon is too crowded for you, this is the one for you.

It’s at the Cardinals Football Stadium in Glendale from Dec 4th to Dec 6th. We will be in the vendor hall.