Dark Orange

A testimonial to why Dark Orange is such an awesome color, and yet, why is it seemingly impossible to obtain in large quantities (LUGs are an exception)? Take this as a hint, LEGO. People want this color, and it can do wonders for a model.

It’s far too expensive on Bricklink and Pick a Brick does not even offer it. I understand that it might be a bit more expensive to produce such a color (especially just for adults), but wouldn’t it be more applicable to everyday models (sand/dirt, buildings, roads, terrain, etc.) compared to say, Bright Blue or Bright Yellowish Green? – BrickTownTalk.com

Just Turned 13

The work of art come from a just turned 13 year old girl, Fliker name Littlehaulic’s. Great way to crash into the TFOL scene.
Looks like Dave has some competition.

Love the fireplace