Minifig Scale City Layout Contest – Feb 16, 2013

Rules for the Feb 2013 CactusBrick contest – A Minifig Scale City Layout Module

Sponsored by:

Desert Bricks
Joshua Colson
Corey’s Bricks


  1. Must be a new MOC (one that has not been shown before)
  2. Must conform to the CactusBrick Modular Building Standard:
  3. The MOC must be present at the judging meeting (Feb 16, 2013)
  4. The MOC must be a minimum size of 32×32 but can be larger in multiples of 32
  5. Each person may submit up to 2 MOCs
  6. The submitter of the MOCs need not be present
  7. The cash price for 1st place will be $3 per participant with a minimum of $20.
    (If 8 people contribute buildings to the contest, the 1st place prize will be $24)
  8. The MOC does not have to be a building, but it must connect with our standard modules. (A park would be fine as long as it follows the standards on the sides of the module.)

Voting rules:

  1. Only people able to view all of MOCs are able to vote
  2. Each eligible voter has 1 vote


  1. In the event of a tie, the money is split between the winners

CactusBrick Minifig Scale Modular Building Standard

The CactusBrick minifig city layout standard is basically the Cafe Corner standard with 3 changes.

  1. The sidewalk is raised by 1 brick. So, the bottom is a baseplate with a brick on top of that and then tile on top to make the sidewalk.
  2. There are technic bricks in the front (under the sidewalk) at the 10th and 11th studs from each side. At minimum, this needs to be a “Technic, Brick 1 x 2 with Hole”, but it can be longer as long as the center hole exists.
  3. The sidewalk is 2 or 3 studs less deep. The road baseplate in front includes either 2 studs or 3 studs wide sidewalk. The edge is Dark Bluish Gray so the module should plan on being next to Dark Bluish Gray tile.

Based on the Cafe Corner standard, the sides (and the back) should also have the Technic Brick with Hole at the 10th and 11th stud location from both edges. The height of each floor of the building is recommended to be 9 or 10 bricks tall but the standard is flexible.

The standard size of each module is 32×32. A 16×32 (where the 16 is the width of the front) is possible, but there are not very many of these in the club so it would be wise to have 2 if you want 16×32 modules.


January 2013 Meeting

We had a record attendance of 21 people at our January 19th, 2013 meeting. Our club officers for 2013 are once again:

President: Nate
Secretary: Corey
Treasurer: Clark

We discussed the upcoming shows at Tempe History Museum (March 16th & 17th) and the Phx Comicon (Memorial day weekend).

We also had the micro city contest. Here’s some pictures from that as well as some pictures of other things people brought in:


The micro contest had a clear winner in the large module category and a tie in the small category. The winner in the large module category was made by Joe. The small module winners were GenYus and Clark. Here’s the winners: