2022 Phoenix Fan Fusion

Phoenix Fan Fusion 2022 display was a large display.  It included city, Jurassic area, castle and a miscellaneous area.

Here’s some pictures showing our display:

Here’s a video of us setting up the display (at 1000x speed up):

2022 March Southwest Makerfest

Cactus Brick was at Southwest Makerfest in March 2022.  We had a community build Mosaic, Arduino based train controller on display, a Lego based spirograph and a couple remote controlled Lego cars.

Tempe Library FanCon 2022

We had a small display at the Tempe Library for FanCon on Jan 29, 2022. This is a small outdoor display. 

Here’s a few pictures of our display:

Pirate Contest (Jan 2022)

At our January Meeting, we had a pirate contest.  We had 4 entries into the contest.  Here are the top 3 winners of the contest:

Tucson Toy Train Show 2021

We had a small train display at the Tucson Toy Train Show on Nov 13, 2021.  We showed our Tatooine display again, although we had to shrink it a bit due to the smaller area we had and we had one of our club members bring some very detailed trains.

Railfair 2021

Cactus Brick had a small display at Railfair this year.  This was at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park on Saturday, Oct 2nd and Sunday, Oct 3rd.  This was a free event and we had tons of visitors come by to view our display.  Here’s some images of what we had:

Cliff Modules

We are starting a new Cliff module standard that is designed to work with our ocean standard as well as our MILS Modules.

Here are a few images of various pieces that we have as well as how they can be combined:

Here’s the modules above placed together:

The height of the Cliff is 5 bricks (from a MILS) or 6 bricks from the ocean height.  On the connecting side, the cliff face must be on the 5th, 6th, or 7th stud from the front.  This breaks from the normal MILS type standard where the transition is generally in the middle, so we can have a full 8 stud deep building on top of the cliff.

Here is a step by step guide for creating the straight cliff module:

Here is a step by step guide for the convex corner which is on a 16×16 baseplate:

Here’s a step by step guide for a concave Cliff module:

Bricks by the Bay 2021

Several Cactus Brick club members participated in the Lego convention, Bricks by the Bay, on June 18-20, 2021.  We held a contest for Lego Storyboard Films to help motivate people to produce additional content for our presentation.  We had 3 different entries for the contest:

JC’s Entry:   A Dragon Story

Peter’s Entry:  Grogu’s Big Adventure

Corey and Stephanie’s Entry:  King Ralph LXIV visits Maug

A special thanks goes to Peter for the great video work and to Jen for the great voice overs!

Interesting Lego Links by Cactus Brick members

We are having a mini-contest for our club members to share their favorite Lego web pages.  

Michael S.’s Link



Victor’s Links

Lu Sim from the Philippines made a couple of really excellent 9 brick mechs and he also posted pictures of the inner frame structures that they use. You can use his frames as a good starting off point to make your mech. 

Since last meeting we briefly talked about the misprinted Lego pieces that have a “marbled” effect.

Ian’s Links

Jaws Boat

Brick Separator spaceship

Total Effect Pieces

Peter’s Links
Some good free vehicle and other MOC designs – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-_rafaedfpKrTFFUGlU5-g
Stephanie’s Links
How to Build a Beautiful Snowflake – LEGO Creator – DIY Holiday Building Tips
Brickmaker Rail Road sign
A very different tree design that I had used once and covered the leaves in flowers.
LEGO Oak Tree How To Tutorial
There is an actual photo sharing group on Flickr dedicated to LEGO techniques.
Flickr LEGO Techniques
LEGO bonsai Tree
Cardinal and Bluejay
Bricks by the Bay workshop parts list and some instructions
Lego Bird MOC (using the Creator set 31092)