Scottsdale Historical Museum Display – Sept/Oct 2013

We have a display at the Scottsdale Historical Museum (7333 E Scottsdale Mall, Scottsdale, AZ) during September and October 2013. The contributors of the display were Corey, Stephanie, GenYus, Nate and Joe. Here’s some pictures of the display:

CactusBrick Display at North Valley Regional Library – Aug 2013

We also have a display at the North Valley Regional Library in August 2013. Joe was the organizer and biggest contributor to the display. Here’s the pictures of it:

Tempe History Museum July 31, 2013 Display

We were at the Tempe History Museum’s Wild Wednesday on July 31st, 2013. The Lego play area was a great success.

August 2013 Meeting

We had 13 people attend our August 17th meeting. We had a contest (theme was anything) with a Lego set as the prize. Here are some of the non contest pictures:

The contest entries were:

And the Contest Winner was:

Kevin's Squidangelo's David
Kevin’s Squidangelo’s David


July 2013 Meeting

We had 12 people attend our July 20 meeting. It was a slow month due to vacations so most of our events (like the upcoming contest) skipped over July. However, here’s some pictures of what people brought in:

June 2013 Meeting

We had 20 people attend our June 15th, 2013 Meeting. Our main topic was to discuss our upcoming contests and internal auction as well as show off what we’re working on. Here’s some pictures of what people brought in:

Phoenix Comicon 2013 Display

We were at Phoenix Comicon 2013. We were in the Exhibitor hall next to the 501st Stormtrooper area. About 18 club members helped with our display. We had a city/train layout, a microcity and various models on display. Everything was extremely well received. There was a lot of interested and we are expecting a few new club members. We also hosted a Lego Panel on how to start building custom Lego models as well as two build offs (one was 12 and under and the other was open to all ages). Both build offs went off better than expected. I’d like to thank Joe, Tom and Londa for donating additional small prizes so we were able to give out additional prizes to the kids.

Tom’s Flashy Video
Corey’s Flickr Set
Tom and Londa’s Photos of Setup
Tom and Londa’s Photos from Sunday
Tom and Londa’s Photos of the Kids Build off

Comicon 2013 Break Down
And the lights go out

May 2013 Meeting

At our May 2013 Meeting, we mostly planned for the Phx Comicon display that was the following week.

We were also a bit distracted sorting through this:

A lot of bricks
A lot of bricks

April 2013 Meeting

We had 15 people attend our April 2013 Meeting. Our main topic for the meeting was to help plan our PHX Comicon layout and display.

Here’s some pictures of what people brought in:

Tempe History Museum Show Pictures – March 2013

Our Tempe History Museum Show (March 16 and 17, 2013) has been great. The flyers that we created helped attract quite a few people. The museum estimated that 150 people came out because of us. They had a live band on Saturday that also attracted a few hundred people. So, we had quite a few people coming through during the two days. Here’s the pictures from it: