Labor Day Junk Mecha

Big Blue

Originally uploaded by -infomaniac-

Flickr member -infomanic- celebrates his day off with this hulking junk mecha for a contest on Mecha Hub. The contrast of the bulky torso and lanky arms is interesting, as well as the incorporation of various Bionicle parts. The shoulder made out of hinges is noteworthy as well. Also impressive is that it fits a minifigue rather comfortably.

FBTB MOC Madness 2010

Yeah, you probably saw this on TBB already, but I am compelled to spread the word here too!  FBTB is hosting a pretty cool contest for you Star Wars builders out there (Kevin).   Build a custom bounty hunter with his/her ship and you could win some nice prizes.   Good luck and have fun building!

BrickBuildr Updates

It’s been four weeks since the last update of the PaB Wall in Chandler.  Does anyone want to pick up that torch?  Any of you store employees who actually stock it?  BrickBuildr is an exceptionally useful tool and it seems a shame to not use it.


Hoth: IT’S A…

For a contest at the CABG titled ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ we were challenged to build a scene on Hoth that was to include at least 1 Rebel, and 1 Snowtrooper. I did more than that, but  decided to take a humorous approach with the battle. The scene depicts some Rebels on a scouting patrol through the trenches when they come across (snow) Vader, and think that they have him surrendered and cornered for capture. They’re got a little surprise waiting. In the wise words of Admiral Ackbar “IT’S A TRAP!”

The complete set of pictures can be seen on my flickr page here.

-Kevin Murney (Legorevolution)

Chandler LEGO Store gets blogged!

If you were at this month’s LUG meeting, you would have seen Kevin’s amazing minifig scale replica of the Chandler LEGO Store.  If not, it was a spot-on replica of the store, right down to James clogging the toilet!   It was nice having Kevin attend his first meeting and sharing his great build with us.  I am glad that Nannan picked up on this bad boy of a creation and blogged it on TBB today!

I think Murney already posted a picture of Larry being held  by terrorists in his photostream.  I’ll have to get mine up soon too!   Awesome work Kevin!  That  makes two TBB mentions for our LUG members in as many days.

Shipment at the LEGO Store!

Greetings from the LEGO Store at the Chandler Fashion Center; Chandler, AZ!

The following new items are scheduled to arrived tomorrow (Monday 04/19/2010) on our shipment and will be available for purchase! Please keep in mind that shipments may have discrepancies and in some cases these items may not arrive as planned, however please feel free to call the store at (480) 899-0228 or email with product availability questions, or any questions in general:


  • 5658 Pizza Planet Truck (DUPLO Toy Story) – $19.99
  • 5659 The Great Train Chase (DUPLO Toy Story) – $34.99
  • 7597 Western Train Chase (Toy Story) – $79.99
  • 7596 Trash Compactor Escape (Toy Story) – $49.99
  • 7789 Lotso’s Dump Truck (Toy Story) – $19.99


  • 8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser (Star Wars) – $119.99
  • 6212 X-Wing Starfighter (Star Wars) – $49.99
  • 7586 Sunshine Home (Belville) – $79.99
  • 7642 Garage (City) – $99.99
  • 7641 City Corner (City) – $59.99
  • 7569 Desert Attack (Prince of Persia) –  $10.99

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support from the entire LEGO Chandler team!

Happy Building!

Kevin A. Hinkle

Store Manager

Angel of Redemption

Along with keeping the group up to speed with news and updates, I’d like to start showcasing those LEGO creations that stand apart from the masses, not just exclusively from our LUG, but from all over the world.  I know there are plenty of other amazing blogs out there, but we can have our say too.

It only seems appropriate to start with this beautiful tribute to Nnenn, Cole Blaq’s ‘Angel of Redemption’.   I’m a fan of the great parts usage and color scheme, but what I like best of all is the black canopy …not very minifig friendly.

Meeting THIS Saturday

Join us this Saturday, April 17, 2010 at the North Tempe Multigenerational Center at 1:30.  This month’s draft set will be 7570 The Ostrich Race.  The inventory can be seen here.  Make sure to use the poll to let us all know how many sets we’ll be drafting.

For more information and a map to the location, click here.