Phoenix Comicon 2017

We have a display at Phoenix Comicon 2017. Our area is 30’x40′ and we have 4 sections, city/train, Pirate battle, Star Wars, Misc. Here’s a few pictures:

Norterra Window Display

We have a window display at Norterra shopping center through May. We are still adding things to it over the next several weeks. But here’s some pictures of what we’ve put in so far:

Micro City Contest – Jan 2013 Meeting

With the new year comes our first building contest, brought to you by our very own Corey Gehman.  Here are the details for the contest…


 Rules on the Micro City Contest – Cactusbrick – Jan 2013 Meeting

  1. Must be a MOC
  2. Must conform to TWINLUG Micro City Standard v1.1:
  3. The micro MOC must be present at the judging meeting (Jan 19, 2013)
  4. The micro MOC may be a single, double, or quad module.
  5. Each person may submit up to 2 MOCs
  6. The submitter of the MOCs need not be present
  7. If there are 8 or more MOCs submitted, there will be 2 categories  (Large – quad module, Small – single or double module)
  8. There will a cash prize of $20 for 1st place for each category.

Voting rules:

  1. Only people able to view all micro MOCs are able to vote
  2. Each eligible voter has 2 votes (maximum of 1 vote per micro MOC)
  3. Each eligible voter (& their significant other) cannot vote for their own micro MOC


  1. In the event of a tie, the money is split between the winners


  1. Existing buildings are eligible (Josh’s buildings)
  2. Corey’s Empire State and Chrysler buildings are not MOCs (not eligible)
  3. The organizer of this event is eligible for voting
  4. For the calculation of the cash prize, the organizer’s MOCs are ignored

Good luck!

We’re Looking for a Few Good Builders…

…or just enthusiastic builders!  If you are an adult and live in (or can get to) the Phoenix area on a semi-regular basis and love building and creating amazing and interesting things with LEGO, come check us out.  We meet on the third Saturday of every month, click here for more detailed information.

We’re trying to pull some of you guys out of the woodwork and get you involved.  We know you’re out there, don’t be shy.  Come to one of our meetings, have some fun, share your creations and your hobby with the rest of us.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!