Minifig Scale City Layout Contest – Feb 16, 2013

Rules for the Feb 2013 CactusBrick contest – A Minifig Scale City Layout Module

Sponsored by:

Desert Bricks
Joshua Colson
Corey’s Bricks


  1. Must be a new MOC (one that has not been shown before)
  2. Must conform to the CactusBrick Modular Building Standard:
  3. The MOC must be present at the judging meeting (Feb 16, 2013)
  4. The MOC must be a minimum size of 32×32 but can be larger in multiples of 32
  5. Each person may submit up to 2 MOCs
  6. The submitter of the MOCs need not be present
  7. The cash price for 1st place will be $3 per participant with a minimum of $20.
    (If 8 people contribute buildings to the contest, the 1st place prize will be $24)
  8. The MOC does not have to be a building, but it must connect with our standard modules. (A park would be fine as long as it follows the standards on the sides of the module.)

Voting rules:

  1. Only people able to view all of MOCs are able to vote
  2. Each eligible voter has 1 vote


  1. In the event of a tie, the money is split between the winners

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