Lake Merwin Camper’s Hideaway

Lake Merwin Camper”s Hideaway is located in Washington, with Mt. St. Helens in clear view. The house is a model of a mobile home near the lake. There are some unfinished details but, for the purpose of this model, the main feature is the house itself. This lovely little wood abode is two stories, one bedroom, one bath and a kitchen as well. The deck is quite large. Hammock is shown on the deck

What Else Can you Make With The Fire Brigade (10197)

Here is a Great Model Built by Mugen.  Absolutely Love the Idea of a Post Office in the Cafe Corner family of buildings,  Lets just hope that this MOC Inspires lego to make the next building a Post office.  Lets see what alternate MOCs you can make out of this set, Use only the pieces from 10197 and email me the photos and I will post the best one up on this site.

Dark Orange

A testimonial to why Dark Orange is such an awesome color, and yet, why is it seemingly impossible to obtain in large quantities (LUGs are an exception)? Take this as a hint, LEGO. People want this color, and it can do wonders for a model.

It’s far too expensive on Bricklink and Pick a Brick does not even offer it. I understand that it might be a bit more expensive to produce such a color (especially just for adults), but wouldn’t it be more applicable to everyday models (sand/dirt, buildings, roads, terrain, etc.) compared to say, Bright Blue or Bright Yellowish Green? –

Just Turned 13

The work of art come from a just turned 13 year old girl, Fliker name Littlehaulic’s. Great way to crash into the TFOL scene.
Looks like Dave has some competition.

Love the fireplace