Cactus Brick September 2023 Meeting

We held our September 2023 Meeting on 9/16/23.  Our main event for the meeting was a Western Theme Contest.  Here are some pictures of that plus a picture of something someone brought it.

Pirate Contest (Jan 2022)

At our January Meeting, we had a pirate contest.  We had 4 entries into the contest.  Here are the top 3 winners of the contest:

Bricks by the Bay 2021

Several Cactus Brick club members participated in the Lego convention, Bricks by the Bay, on June 18-20, 2021.  We held a contest for Lego Storyboard Films to help motivate people to produce additional content for our presentation.  We had 3 different entries for the contest:

JC’s Entry:   A Dragon Story

Peter’s Entry:  Grogu’s Big Adventure

Corey and Stephanie’s Entry:  King Ralph LXIV visits Maug

A special thanks goes to Peter for the great video work and to Jen for the great voice overs!

Interesting Lego Links by Cactus Brick members

We are having a mini-contest for our club members to share their favorite Lego web pages.  

Michael S.’s Link


Victor’s Links

Lu Sim from the Philippines made a couple of really excellent 9 brick mechs and he also posted pictures of the inner frame structures that they use. You can use his frames as a good starting off point to make your mech. 

Since last meeting we briefly talked about the misprinted Lego pieces that have a “marbled” effect.

Ian’s Links

Jaws Boat

Brick Separator spaceship

Total Effect Pieces

Peter’s Links
Some good free vehicle and other MOC designs –
Stephanie’s Links
How to Build a Beautiful Snowflake – LEGO Creator – DIY Holiday Building Tips
Brickmaker Rail Road sign
A very different tree design that I had used once and covered the leaves in flowers.
LEGO Oak Tree How To Tutorial
There is an actual photo sharing group on Flickr dedicated to LEGO techniques.
Flickr LEGO Techniques
LEGO bonsai Tree
Cardinal and Bluejay
Bricks by the Bay workshop parts list and some instructions
Lego Bird MOC (using the Creator set 31092)

September 19th, 2015 Meeting

We had 31 people attend our September 19th, 2015 Meeting. Our main event for the meeting was the Batman vs Superman contest with 2 catagories (vehicles and buildings). We also had a few of the Winter Village models brought in for this year’s Winter Village that we’ll have at several of our display. Here are the pictures of the non-contest things:

Our contest entries:

July 19th, 2014 Meeting

We had 24 people attend our July 19th, 2014 meeting. We held a “Space” contest which had 10 entries. Here are some pictures of the contest entries as well as some suggestions for our castle theme armies.

and the winner is:

Rod's Space Contest entry (and 1st place winner)
Rod’s Space Contest entry (and 1st place winner)

January 18, 2014 Meeting

We had 24 people attend our January 18th meeting (1 new person). The main event for the meeting was our Sculpture Contest (with 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes) as well as a discussion about a full layout we are planning in conjunction with the Lego Movie release in Febuary.

Here’s some pictures of what people brought in:

Here are the sculpture contest winners and entries:

Here’s the first place winner:

1st place winner: Joe's Balancing Spheres (or strange solar system)
1st place winner: Joe’s Balancing Spheres (or strange solar system)

September 2013 Meeting

We had 16 people attend our September 21st, 2013 meeting. We held the Medieval contest with a 1st place prize of a Lego set. Here are pictures of the non contest items people brought in:

The contest entries were:

The winner was Corey’s Micro Castle Middleham with Motley’s Python and the Holy Grail and Nate’s The Battle tied for a very close second.

Corey's Micro Castle Middleham
Corey’s Micro Castle Middleham

Lego Arizona theme contest – March 16, 2013

Rules for the March 2013 CactusBrick contest – Lego Arizona theme

Sponsored by:

Desert Bricks
Joshua Colson
Corey’s Bricks

1) Must be a new MOC (one that has not been shown before)
2) Must be something that screams ARIZONA (or at least well know)
3) It can be a building (any scale), a map (ok, that’s been done), a diorama, or
anything that Arizona is well know for. (please only politically correct items)
4) The MOC must be present at the Tempe History Museum show (Mar 16 & 17, 2013)
5) There is no limit on how many MOCs each person can submit
6) The submitter of the MOCs need not be present

Voting rules:
1) There will be 2 different votes with half of the prize going to each.
2) There will be a vote by Cactusbrick enthusiasts (all of us)
3) There will be a second vote by the public.
4) Each eligible voter has 1 vote
5) Cactusbrick enthusiasts (us) can not vote in the public vote.
6) The Cactusbrick vote will happen on Saturday afternoon and the winner will be
marked as “Club Favorite” unless someone else comes up with a better term.
7) The public vote will be collected all Saturday and early Sunday with the
final count happening at 3PM Sunday.

1) The cash prize for each of the 1st place winners will be at least $15.
2) The same MOC is eligible to win in both votes.
3) In the event of a tie, the money is split between the winners
4) Existing MOCs that have been shown are not eligible

We had 2 MOCs entered into the contest.

The winner is Joe’s A Mountain.

February 2013 Meeting

We had 19 people at our February 16th, 2013 meeting.

We discussed the upcoming Tempe History Museum show which is now on March 16th (Sat 10AM – 6PM) & March 17th (Sun 1PM – 5PM). This is the same weekend as our meeting so our next month’s meeting will be at the Tempe History Museum.

We agreed to also do a display at Scottsdale’s “Little Red Schoolhouse” for September (and probably beyond). This is in Scottsdale’s old town area.

We also were planning out the comicon layout. Nate will send out layout ideas later.

And, we had the minifig scale (modified CC standard) contest. (see below)

Here’s the contest entries:

And the winner is Dave Shaddix’s gas station:

Dave Shaddix's winning contest entry
Dave Shaddix’s winning contest entry

Dave Shaddix's Winning contest entry (Interior)
Dave Shaddix’s Winning contest entry (Interior)