Lego Arizona theme contest – March 16, 2013

Rules for the March 2013 CactusBrick contest – Lego Arizona theme

Sponsored by:

Desert Bricks
Joshua Colson
Corey’s Bricks

1) Must be a new MOC (one that has not been shown before)
2) Must be something that screams ARIZONA (or at least well know)
3) It can be a building (any scale), a map (ok, that’s been done), a diorama, or
anything that Arizona is well know for. (please only politically correct items)
4) The MOC must be present at the Tempe History Museum show (Mar 16 & 17, 2013)
5) There is no limit on how many MOCs each person can submit
6) The submitter of the MOCs need not be present

Voting rules:
1) There will be 2 different votes with half of the prize going to each.
2) There will be a vote by Cactusbrick enthusiasts (all of us)
3) There will be a second vote by the public.
4) Each eligible voter has 1 vote
5) Cactusbrick enthusiasts (us) can not vote in the public vote.
6) The Cactusbrick vote will happen on Saturday afternoon and the winner will be
marked as “Club Favorite” unless someone else comes up with a better term.
7) The public vote will be collected all Saturday and early Sunday with the
final count happening at 3PM Sunday.

1) The cash prize for each of the 1st place winners will be at least $15.
2) The same MOC is eligible to win in both votes.
3) In the event of a tie, the money is split between the winners
4) Existing MOCs that have been shown are not eligible

We had 2 MOCs entered into the contest.

The winner is Joe’s A Mountain.

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